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A Sneak Peek Inside Picsello

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The need for Picsello has been forming for many years but many instances during Covid truly made me realize the need for an easy to use software solution that would also help and guide photographers with their business.

Business plans were laid out, forecasts, pitch decks developed, investor meetings galore, formed an amazing team and we were off. We began development in May 2021 with the best development shop and have been working hard ever since growing the team, our followers and bringing Picsello to life.

On June 15th 2022 we will launch to the public!!! We have been in Beta for a while and loving the feedback we are getting so we are ready! Ready to give photographers the guidance, the support and a voice that they truly deserve all via a little software platform we call Picsello.

Read on for a highlight of our features on our all-in-one easy-to-use photography business management software.

Mobile Friendly

We believe photography business management software should be able to work on the go. That’s why we built Picsello with a mobile-first design. Now photographers can run their business from anywhere they need to be. No more waiting, no more adding to their already long to-do list. Picsello’s mobile capabilities let photographers take care of what they need to, when they need to.

Business Coaching

Picsello’s business coaching lets photographers spend less time searching for the right answers so they can spend more time connecting with clients, building their business, and ultimately, making more profit. Wherever photographers are in their photography career, reach their next goals with our business coaches. Helpful tips, instant business advice from industry pros, plus one-on-one coaching -all right at their fingertips.

Marketing Tools

Strong marketing practices are essential to growing any small business, but the constant need to create and share content can be overwhelming. With Picsello’s marketing tools, photographers can access everything they need to market their business all in one place- their website, emails, and social media- we’ve made it easier than ever for them to market their business.

Studio Manager

Picsello’s Studio Manager was designed to help photographers convert more leads and book more clients. It helps prepare the photographer and the client for the best shoot with questionnaires and more. The easy-to-use booking proposal sends the proposal, questionnaire, contract, and retainer information to your client. Prewritten emails, easy booking, invoicing, contracts, and inbox make our CRM their all-access client communication hub.

Gallery, Products and more

Photographers will love our beautiful client galleries & merchandise, built-in pressure-free sales tools (including easy Digital Upsells!), and the unlimited storage that is essential for their business to thrive. We position digitals as just another product in order to promote print, frame sales. All with the goal of helping our photographers increase their sales with 100% of the profits going to the photographer.

Smart Profit Calculator

We know that figuring out prices can be a daunting and stressful task because we’ve been there. That’s why Team Picsello created a proprietary calculator that takes the guesswork out of formulating packages. Our Smart Profit Calculator combines information from their individual business with over 3 years of industry research to help photographers set their prices where they need to be to build a profitable and sustainable business.

From the minute our photographers sign up for Picsello we will help guide them to the next best steps for their business growth. With our next steps roadmap, tips, tools, and business coaching, we set our photographers up for success from the go. No rushing back to your desk to send a client an invoice. No courses. No guesswork. We make it easy for photographers to run a successful business.

Launching June 15th 2022

For more information, visit


Jane Goodrich is an award-winning photographer whose underlying mission is to support and empower other photographers in reaching new levels of profitable success. With a background in business and marketing, vast industry experience running two successful photography businesses, and building The Photography Business brand, Jane is one of the most respected photographers in the industry when it comes to running a successful business. Jane took her knowledge and experience and poured it into Picsello – a business management software platform for photographers that will genuinely support photographers in setting their pricing, running their business effectively, and marketing and monetizing their services. In addition, we'll help photographers navigate the challenges and cut through the misinformation. Picsello launches in 2022.

Jane Goodrich

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