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through the lens podcast

When you are first starting out in photography it can be hard trying to figure everything out.  And then once you do get the camera down, a whole new set of problems arise… boundaries, clients, pricing, imposter syndrome, oh my!


Enter Jane Goodrich.  She’s been in your shoes, learning the most important lessons and wants to share them with you.


Tune in here to learn!

New Software Alert that Photographers will SWOON Over! Jane Goodrich Introduces Picsello!

Listen up photographers! If you are wanting an all in one option that combines your photo galleries AND marketing tools, you HAVE to check out Picsello! And this episode! I chat with Jane Goodrich, founder of Picsello, how she decided to create the software and how helpful it will be to us photographers! She launces this Wednesday, June 15, 2022! You can go there now and join the waitlist! Follow Picsello on Instagram!

girls who do stuff podcast
Is Photography a business or a skill? Jane Goodrich of Picsello

We talk with Jane Goodrich, founder of Picsello about how many people in the field of photography run into issues when they don't position themselves as a business. Most spend less than 10% of their time actually taking photos...

art & soul podcast
Pricing Strategies and Mindset Shifts for a Profitable Photography Business with Jane Goodrich

When was the last time you raised your prices? Many photographers are hesitant to raise their rates, but when you overcome the mindset blocks and give yourself permission to value your time, you’ll be shocked how much your business can grow.

In this episode, I’m chatting with family photographer and Picsello founder Jane Goodrich about mindset shifts photographers can make to enhance their businesses. She’s sharing her advice for pricing your services and simplifying your business. Plus, we’re chatting about her new venture, Picsello, an all-in-one software that helps photographers run their businesses and price their services.

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