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Jane Goodrich is an award-winning Photographer, Founder and CEO of Picsello,  Educator, loving Mother, and is based in New York.

Small Business and Photography Industry Advocate. With her background in business and marketing, vast industry experience running 2 successful photography businesses, building The Photography Business brand, Jane is one of the most respected photographers in the industry when it comes to running a successful business. ​

Teaching the Art & Business of Photography. In addition, Jane is a passionate mentor for both professional and amateur photographers. She teaches professional photographers how to launch their businesses, helping them hone their artistic and business skills in a highly competitive and transformative industry

Jane's latest passion is Picsello. Jane took her knowledge and experience and poured it into Picsello — a platform that will empower photographers to easily manage, market, and monetize their business.

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About Jane 

Awards and Recognition 

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